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Her name is April and she 20 and she known to many
Hit it off at a party then took her to Denny's
Herbal massage in the back room she stop my rigid
My mental pen feeling zen writing stories vivid
Her ancestors legendary from the world of Kush
Living off the land hand set over the bush
I set her off with a flick she perspire
Perfume fill the room I switch to a frequent flier
Miles away, leaving on the red eye
Taking down stacks with force like Jedi
Boost for breakfast, for now sip the sizzerp
Her father must be Earvin 'cause it's magic how she wiz-erk
Time for dessert, sit back and kiss her
Tip her, you know what I mean, I'm vibing with her
Her sister is her heroine, don't get with her
That girl love to rock and you hip-hop mister


Her name is April and she 20 everybody hit it
I ain't mad ,that's the way that she roll wit' it
Summer songs where she wear Billa Bong
You would understand the language if ya turn ya flicker on
Sitting in a circle, she love wearing purple
What goes around, comes around, karma in herbal
She famous in my city when she go and cross the line
The cops behind, take the dude, leave him in a bind
Parents don't wanna see her grow-op, Peter Pan
Kids find her and they Neverland... damn
She really dope, can't leave her on another note
Another homie bag her up, make a lot dough
My money clean, I just understand her scene
People having issues like yearly magazines
Letters to the editor she fixing all these things
Maybe for a second but it's better than nothing


Her name is April and she 20 and she really famous
Michael Phelps took a dive, no Greg Louganis
She crossed Bridges when she kicked it with Lebowski
You couldn't help The Dude if you tried, Dr. Melphy
Snoop took a bite, Murder Was the Case
As he took a pipe, like a puff, it went all away
Calling Dr. Dre, Chronic on the way
Ice Cube seeing her on a Friday
With the Entourage, with the Turtle at bay
Then the Drama play, she be on a race, Vinny Chase
Bars for the Kumars and Harolds on the way
To the castle where they beefing with her friend, NPH
NPR on the radio
Now she like, "Damn! Is that Cheech and Chong playing on the stereo?
Is that Super Mario? Let's go on the merry-go."
So she goes around again... and then...


Wanna go for another ride?


from Death Blow, released December 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Kofi Montreal, Québec

Kofi is a multi-disciplinary artist whose titles include rapper-producer, singer-songwriter, actor, writer and filmmaker.

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