Cupid's Dead

from by Kofi

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I put it right up to his head now Cupid's dead


Eros got arrows and I got bullet points
He may fly but I stay higher when I make all these joints
Got crack in my poems 'cause my rap is dope
And going back when I Rome when I make like Roman
No man, I ain't ending up like Caesar
Sees a Cleopatra seizure
Seize his heart in a moment of amnesia
Diva wanna have a weekend in Ibiza
She's a gold digger looking for a Visa
He's a dead man walking overhead
Is a quill from a bow so I aim from below
The belly of hell yet homie I'm so cold
I'm so cold that the winter don't know
That the winter is summer when I'm zero below
Damn... why she trying to stick him for his paper?
So many haters like we playing for the Lakers
So many lovers like we made it to the majors
So many questions like, "Who is Tiger's maker?"
It's a dude in a diaper
Make moves like wiper do on a Viper
Dodge is a type of... car that you had wifed up
Till he screwed your life up
Ew, that's a swipe up...
You was cool till piper played with your pipe, huh?
Put a knife up... uh...
Caesar don't see it so Brutus gon' do it
Cupid ain't stupid he planned it, so ruthless
So I'm on the roof quick, shoot him in the roof quick
Bullets beat arrows, truth beat tarots
Cupid is dead, Rebel turned hero


Don't get it wrong, I love my sister
I hug my sister, I bug my sister
What up, my sister? I hug those pictures
When we was in britches and nobody knew what "bitch" is
This is the new story Olympus
I'm the god of flow and painting pictures
I'm the god of song called Apollo
And when the goddess gone there's no sorrow
Another arrow? That I gotta break in half
In the rap that I'm bringing on the track.
Fact: love is bullshit
Relationship is hate-N-shit when it's no longer potent
In my Hermès, god of travel
Don't judge me, dodge the gavel
Harvey Specter, in the sector
And I got a mic that love to hear my life
My moves in check, you can call them my Nikes
I only disrespect if your mom Aphrodite
Zeus can't save you call for the night
Hades got a room for you for life
Ares ain't nothing, your war of seduction
Kill more hearts and souls in production
I'll speak in Russian... nyet
Universal language, love is a mess
No disrespect but I so disconnect
Your neck from your other bones, throw you where it's wet
Throw you in a chest, Poseidon know what's next
Throw you in a whale, hell, I don't give an F
Now everybody fresh, nobody looking stressed
Nobody losing money, nobody losing rest
Nobody gon' cry cause nobody gon' guess
That Cupid is dead and I shot him in the head and chest



from Death Blow, released December 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Kofi Montreal, Québec

Kofi is a multi-disciplinary artist whose titles include rapper-producer, singer-songwriter, actor, writer and filmmaker.

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