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Headshots I rap picturesque
Instagram on my intellect
Flow that Kodak infinite
I hold that pose I froze the Internet
Trojan horse I'm F'n it
I'm the shit but you can't really step in it my
Size 12s so Jordanesque
Follow my lead subordinates
Believe and succeed is the motto which
Get the girl in the car that's a model whip
Which is all that I see when the camera lit
Through the lens of my eye in the rhyme I spit...
Shit... thousand words
Picture worth I freestyle the verbs
Autoflash when I autograph
If you oughta rap you are here to serve
...come the king,
Potluck, what you come to bring?
You got luck, well you got fucked
Cause I got skill, now that's what's up
NODAmusic what's going down
You better know the music's that's going 'round
He produce and he rap he the best in town
Best in the world, CM Punk now
Posterize when I flee I dunk
I make runs I make funds as I run a mock
Shout out to Drizzy we are Canucks
We gets bizzy we nuts got the game corrupt
No politeness, no stereotype shit
Our stereo type is to own the mics-es
Photoshop they wanna flip me up
With a headshot till I'm six feet up


You are now in tuned to the latest and the greatest
King Koef... King Koef...
Drunk Flow... Drunk Flow...
Re-bel... Re-bel...

Headshots, my pops, dodge bullets and he ran for it
African in a foreign land took one shot now here I am
Full name translate warrior, born
Piss poor give glory up, torn
Between the lord and the devil,
Selling keys or playing keys I'm in treble, please
151 for the ease,
Honey want me for the birds and the bees
Honey gon' sting could've sworn she the queen
Leave, me with a glass full of lean, eee....
Headshots, fuck my chest
Tequila revealer of why I'm depressed
Vodka with Mila was more than a mess
First the bee now a bird, I am leaving the nest...
Stay fly, I take off
I make art like Beecroft
California is my pneumonia
I'm so sick when I'm rhyming on you
So slick like the Hymen on you, uh
Hail Mary when I throw the pigskin
Thanksgiving when I give the fixins
Headshots for all my vixens
Stay on Cruise the Impossible Mission
R Kelly got the Keys in the Ignition
R&B in the Beamer system
R&D, female division
I record like it's Betty Ford
12 steps till the G4
Now I'm much higher than before
If I reminisce I gotta drink some more...hic-up


from Death Blow, released December 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Kofi Montreal, Québec

Kofi is a multi-disciplinary artist whose titles include rapper-producer, singer-songwriter, actor, writer and filmmaker.

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